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More than love

Больше,чем любовь

«.... Stop it! Listen for the sound of silence ...…

 Do you hear me?!...


   I recognized you at once, as if we had parted only yesterday. And that's what you taught me so much, you taught me to do! Dedicating our love lyrical hymns, I feel like the accidents that happen to us, become a rule. And this law does not give me peace!

Well, tell me your favorite:  «Actually ...»

- Actually, I was very afraid of her irrepressible imagination, but extremely pleased with this amazing, secret presence! And I like the feeling of the mystery ...

... - I also bank secrecy, and this infinitely appreciate these relationships. They have great power, the power of purity and trust, and the undoubted freedom, freedom of independence from each other. I can leave at any time, so I'm staying. I know that you exist, and that makes me warm. I know I will not betray, and I say the same thing. But most importantly, I want you to always remember that I believe in you! I believe with all my heart and soul!

 And ... and that's more than love! And it is - perfect

Больше,чем любовь