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Valley of Dreams

Valley of Dreams

"Valley of Dreams"

"Valley of Dreams" At the heart of the creation and implementation of the task is preservation and development of a common cultural space , harmony, literature, music and art that is sure to have common roots.

We offer you a unique project and support the "Valley of Dreams ", which in its scope can cover a huge readership . Participants in the project to court demanding readers will be presented book that raises the eternal theme of love, the most popular among female fans of the novel.

Unusually lively, bright , easy and fun language ! Reveals to the reader an intriguing plot , where as in a kaleidoscope of interwoven past and present. This amazing duo of authors, equally good understanding for male and female nature , subtly conveys the essence and inner peace of the device .

The life of the protagonist uncontrollably falls and rises again , and again falls ... But she did not break out of the vicious circle , because she has betrayed all the ideals in which piously believed . But if she had a choice?

Natalie Chaklin and Bon Nightingale, first presented to a large audience that has affected project participants to their multi-faceted talent, unusual style and comprehensive approach to the filing of a literary work . And it's not just a book , but poetry and music to contemporary lyrical songs, the texts of which we meet in the novel. The full version of the music album with songs performed by Natalie Chaklin popular singer Valeria Kubyas to be released in conjunction with the publication of the book.  Audible and visual support adds harmony and creates a perception of the amount of artwork.

Emotional mood product does not leave the reader until the very last word , making the experience events together with its heroes. Raised in the novel, the themes of love and jealousy , good and evil , life and death cause in the reader a sense of the presence of the philosophical world view that allows you to position it as the product of a philosophical novel . According to the authors it has become more than just a book and to express something more than just a love .

It is also planned to release audio books in the reading of the People's Artist of Russia Igor Ivanovich Bochkina known for films ( " PE regional scale ," " thin little thing ," " Kidnapping ", " most beautiful ", " Dunya ", " Prescription for Happiness " series " Blue Nights ," " and one soldier in the field ," etc.) , with music selected texts of the novel.

After the book is written the script for the film , directed by well-known actress and film director Anna Legchilova . Actress films ( "Crossroads ," " Blood Ties ", " salami ", " Father ", " Ultimate Wish ", " Blue Nights ," etc.) , as well as the director of films ( " Hen ", " Treason "; " flock ", " Taste of Murder ," " Obsession ").

We invite partners to put sponsorship advertising their company in the film included in the project "Valley of Dreams" !

A great creative team and a positive attitude , as well as your participation and assistance will help readers learn new names - names glorifying - Love ! Love, lead our world for the better !


Valley of Dreams