Appeal to the Seven
galactic Subjects

From the house of Light at the East
shine the dawn of wisdom in us,
So that we can clearly comprehend things.

From the House of Night at the North
mature wisdom in us,
So that we understand all the inside

Transformation of the West House
wisdom transformed into good deeds,
So that we did what we should do.

South of the House of the Eternal Sun
they shall reap the harvest of good deeds,
So that we may enjoy the fruits of planetary existence.

The Upper House of the Heavens,
Where are going to star people and the ancestors
Yes, their blessings will descend upon us now.

The Lower House of the Earth
Let Her heartbeat crystalline core
Bless us with harmonies that terminates all wars.

The Central Galactic Source,
Which at the same time always and everywhere,
May everything be realized as the Light of Universal Love.

Oh! Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Macho!
(Oh Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!)
Oh! One, the Giver of Movement and Measure!

Let triumphs in All Harmony of Mind and Nature!