An excerpt from the book " Valley of Dreams ," "What is a dream ? 

What is a dream ?
It's a thought about roses
But it is not roses .... "


Oh! Blessed Virgin Mary ! What a terrible sun today ! Not a cloud , not a cloud . It is necessary to collect flowers and home to put in a vase. Finally reached . This is my favorite lawn. Here the perfect place! Wonderful view : a sunlit valley on a background of mountains and evergreen hills stands the proud beauty of the domes. Here one can see a silver ribbon "Arno" . Hence it is not visible boundary between lush gardens, olive groves, vineyards and pine forests.

            White, yellow, and here is the red flower. But more and more ... Oh ! What a beautiful butterfly ! This I do not! Where have you flown ? Wait a minute ! Yeah , you still get caught. Climb to the others. Ha! Ha !

            Hmm, someone calling me ? Oh ! Well , of course, is Lucretia . It is necessary to wave her hand. Lu - in ! Go here ...

            Go, go, hurry up . Almost next door . Trying to catch my breath . Says he barely caught . Came to the cathedral to my father , but I was not caught . And today I had not delayed . Brought him wine and food, and then went away. I decided not to interfere ! My father had a lot of work , wants to finish it in time .

            Lou shyly looks down and says quietly that my father is very cute ... I wonder what it is ?

            Explains that he invited her to pose for his new work on the mural , and she is happy to help talented master. And most importantly, as soon as its presence is necessary , it will immediately give his image for his new creation. Oh, the coquette !

Excited about trying to explain to me that so charming to be shown in any picture or mural ! Everyone will be watching and cheering with her appearance. And those who are familiar with it and say, " That's - that's our Lucretia ! ". Offended, I just do not appreciate the opportunity. Because my father - a painter , and he has a lot of work with my way. It 's funny, thinks it will help her impress upon centuries.

I think I'm starting to imitate his girlfriend, in her own words .

- Beatrice ! You do not understand ! Beatrice, you should be happy!

Beatrice - my name. I hear it a thousand times a day! There! Knew it! She was mad ... We'll have to comfort her !

     I understand ... it's important for her . Lu believes that if its image is in one of the churches of the city, it is possible to see it Benedetto , and she finally achieves his attention.

But he was already in love with her , this nice young man from the butcher . Lucky her! It is nice ! But in me no one has fallen in love, even though I already seventeen ! And where is the only one to whom I give my heart?

            Oh no , she noticed my basket and asked what I was hiding .

            The answer is:

            - Secret !

            Resents that I have of her secrets , and insists to show what's inside.

            But do not show you! Ha - ha! Try to catch me ! The run. Wow, what a tall grass ! I like dissect it with his movements. But how - would not fall! Long dress and underfoot .

           Yes, I came across ! Lou caught up with me and keeps the sleeve. I ask her to miss the basket with his hands. Notably, she is looking forward to my actions. I want to impress her by what he saw ! Therefore, it is important to kick off the handkerchief covering the basket , and ...

              And cry to her:

            - Look !

              Oh, Mary ! What lovely butterfly ! How many of them here ? Just some kind of miracle ! Ha ha ha ... did not expect that so many of their catch .

              Oh! yes ! Lucretia love it! She laughs and fun too surprised that butterflies circling over my head. Compares me with fairy .

              What a beauty ! I'm so happy to see my undertaking ... Oh, it seems , they fly away . I run after them , and I call Lou for themselves.

            Ha - ha! How cool ! How fun !

Go back , go back ... Can you hear me , Mary Denisovna ? On the count of three , you will open your eyes . Focus ! Be careful! Concentrate on my voice .

            Times . Listen to me . Two . Three . Open your eyes . Maria Denisovna ? Open your eyes !

You are here with me . All is well ...

            She was sitting with a big smile on his face. All of this chaotic scene is still clearly circled in her head. Maria hardly ever raised . Hooked expressive nose of James Kleiner appeared before her eyes. His sharp brown eyes gazed out from under a light gilt frame. Bushy eyebrows gave him the appearance of Mephistopheles . Wavy dark fringe with glimpses of gray hair falls to the right side of the high smooth forehead. Small mouth was half-hidden in a neatly clipped mustache and a small beard round .

            He was sitting in front of Mary in an expensive antique chair. His snow-white shirt and tie , goes well with a light brown tweed jacket . He looked to be about fifty .

            - Well, Maria Denisovna - puzzled he said - you have totally confused ! With this we need to understand seriously and thoroughly . I immerse you in your childhood to find the reasons for your lack of will , and where you jerked , my dear ? "Arno" - this is where is it?

            Slowly rising from his chair , he walked over to the bookcase in dark oak , which stood at the entrance to his office , and extracted a world atlas . Looked through a bit , he stopped at one of the pages .

            - Well , yes, it is! - Slamming his hand on the book , said Jacob Kleiner - Tuscany ! Florence ! Arno river ! - And turning to her , he added: "This is Italy , my dear ! Italy , my dear !

            Let's proceed as ! I will cover what I have told you here , and will appoint a couple of sessions of hypnosis . I think that will be enough. Your fears have to leave you, but , finding confidence , you really can handle themselves .

For example, if you come on Wednesday . It will be convenient?

            - Maybe.

            - A watch , a kind , six in the evening ?

            - Well, - has agreed to Maria .

            - That's great!

            - Well , well, Beatrice ! I'm waiting for you at the next consultation - slyly said Kleiner .

            - Beatrice ? - Maria was surprised .

            - Oh , yes! It seems you out there so called friend ?

            Assessing his humor , Maria smiled .

            Jacob Kleiner opened the door, and they came out of the office.

            - Alia , write a lady on Wednesday, for six hours , - he said the blond little girl , who was sitting in the waiting room .

            She quickly looked at the magazine with records and loudly announced : "At six you Stepanov, free for five "

            - Oh, yes , Stepanov ! So maybe in five ? What do you say , Mary Denisovna ?

            - Let's try - with a shrug , said Maria .

            - Well, well, then good-bye, good luck.

            - Thank you - and a little nod , she walked out of his office.


At night, Mary was tormented frequently recurring dream . If she walks up the stairs in the old communal apartment dilapidated house in a narrow alley Tikhvin and dilapidated staircase . Spans almost collapsed , but the wrought iron railings with the simple curls smooth arc still emphasize the old form. Here arched window between floors ... Then push harder and harder ... She jumps from one step to another, thus bypassing the gaping holes . Leaning on the railing and pulling on his hands, almost crawling , trying to sneak ahead. It covers a huge fear . Fear break , never reaching the top. Only one single thought holds in equilibrium : "I have to get to the fourth floor and enter the apartment ," - as if there her salvation. She remembers how, as a child, she lived here, and how all loved it here .

But here again in front of her new span, where a stage collapsed . Only a short walk along the wall of debris . We have to stop and look back down but did not go down . No way back . It covers despair , and she wakes up .


   Maria left for work early. A strange feeling after visiting Jacob Kleiner did not leave her . Sense of mystery and excitement of easy steadily settled in her soul.

"Wow ! And what was that? - She asked herself - like a dream come true . Is this possible? And who are all these people that I have talked Kleiner ? What nonsense ! It is better to think about the upcoming meeting with the client . "

Vigorously driving the car , Maria broke through via a tube, formed on the Ring Road . It was gloomy and cloudy . Grimy of the rainy season the machine steadily stretched forward. Weather evoke sadness and can not be combined with what he saw landscape that occurred during hypnosis. She kept coming back to mind weathered feelings. In her imagination surfaced mountains , valley, charming girl Lucretia and wonderful butterflies, totally different colors .

" Exactly! Butterflies "- flashed through her ​​mind . That's what she wants to surprise Valentine's Day. God! What an amazing insight ! Well , of course, what better way to cheer up this cloudy day !

Mary brightened considerably and, without hesitation , grabbed the mobile phone, then dialed the office:

- Hello , Ira ?

- I hear you, Maria Denisovna ! - Said the cheerful voice of a secretary.

- Ira , help out, please! I'm going in the direction of the office, but I want to get one information .

- What is it?

- Find the Internet phone company , " Butterfly World ."

- " Butterfly World " ?

- Yes. I saw their ad somewhere , just can not remember.

All right.

- Call !

- Do not worry .

Callback Service sounded when Mary turned to " Yaroslavl ". Stop the machine and writing dictated by the room, she immediately called .

- Hello ! " Butterfly World " ? I'd like to place an order.

- Please drive up and choose! You can find us ....

No, no , - interrupted Maria - we all decide on the phone and stipulate conditions . Only I will have a few wishes . Butterflies should be colorful and beautiful . Ten - fifteen pieces is enough. The address where to deliver them , I tell you. It is desirable that the courier was a man. Oh, and ... Presentation will be anonymous , but you attach a small note , the contents of which I dictate .

When you finish talking , Maria put the phone in a small niche, is located on the front panel , and turned on the ignition. Merged with the general movement of machines, she did not see how to get to the office.

Work whirled its rapid flow . Meetings, negotiations , consultations were not given time to rest . She made an agreement at a time when she received a call from the courier "World of Butterflies ."

- Your job is done , the parcel delivered and handed over personally. The recipient was pleased.

- Thank you. A note ! ? Handed a note ?

Yes, it's over.

- Brilliant! Thank you!

Good-bye .

Mary was happy. She wanted to bring joy to this rainy damp autumn day.

It took about two hours . The street was dark . Returning home, she was represented as Valentine took her act , mentally repeating the text of his note :

"In a sad sad day fall
I am a bright beam with a bear .
In the whirl of foliage last
I want to give you the spring! ... "

"Oh my God ! Did not consider whether he familiarity of her appeal to him to "you" ? "- Mary was worried , but then paid off in that it gives more sensuality and intimacy of her image .

Here's the phone again in his hand. Quickly pressing the buttons and the display shows two words : "Spring has come ? " ... Another moment , and sms sent.

 Really ! She was pleasantly surprised when , melodiously propilikav came the short answer is "YES" .