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Lessons of painting

Lessons of painting

Lessons of painting

  • The rapid method
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Drawing a one-day training
(training on the disclosure of creativity)

Having passed one session , you will be able to confidently draw and play their own pictures!

Also, you activate the right hemisphere of the brain, which the artists responsible for the vision of objects in space , the musicians for the hearing, with creative people for the adoption of non-standard solutions !

The proposed method is already after the first class will allow you to quickly learn how to draw and paint with a pencil , even if you never took a brush in hand.

You begin to create their works in 30 minutes after the start of training , regardless of age and profession.

About the method.

Engineering drawing is quickly learning to include the work of the right hemisphere of the brain, which has a great sense of space and form , which , in general, and not enough to our traditional teaching methods. Works participants received training right brain drawing , with their usual simple plot, surprising his liveliness , depth , uniqueness , radiating emotional state.

When lifting the activity of the right hemisphere and balancing it with the level of the left , there are unique things : the performance of the brain is increased by 5 times, increases the speed of decision -making , the movie inspiration and inner peace , harmony , manifested in all areas of activity, which at times improves the level of quality human life.
  1. Why do you recommend right-brain drawing?Paintings are obtained quickly : a little over 5 minutes , a large - 20-30 .
  2. When you draw this way , developing the right hemisphere of the brain , its performance is increased by 5 times.
  3. Cheered up , because the result is visible immediately , besides improving health, there is inspiration and creative development .
  4. You will be able to give gifts to friends and relatives !
  5. Creative state is transferred to all areas of your life : singing , dancing , design , cooking, relationships ...
  6. You start to believe in themselves and in what you - a creative person .
  7. You'll see the vision around the world will become more interesting , more delicious. Earn intuition and oversensitivity .
  8. You are free to educate family, friends and acquaintances to this method .
  9. Your work will show the result of your achievements.
  10. All required materials are issued to: brushes, paints, paper , workplace fully prepared.
  11. This method will help those who have not yet fulfilled his dream to learn to draw , this method is for those who want to tame the inspiration for all those who consider themselves creative people , or want to become so !
  12. The age of participants is not limited to , special artistic training is not required.

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