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There, on the horizon, where the earth touches the sky, where a new day is born, in the light of the dawn fly unusual birds. They fascinate, give vital energy, inspire hope, igniting in the heart of a bright light - the light of undying love ... and the name of these birds - Human Dream. Such dreams have a life-giving force, determine our future and decorate the present. Only a person with a good heart can touch the horizon and gain great power of thought - thought that has wings that can warm people's hearts and change the world for the better.

I'm not good and not bad. I have light eyes and bright dreams. I'm not a child, but still naive and spontaneous. It is hard to bear indifference and disappointment. I very much want to believe and trust the people.

My creation, the birth of the great power of love are living matter capable awaken your best feelings and uncover hidden talents and help you regain yourself!



   N. Chaklin


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